We Welcome YOU

Welcome to First Congregational Church of Coventry.

Here we believe that ALL people belong to God. With God’s help, we covenant to live together in holy fellowship, according to the rule of love.

We welcome long-time church-goers and those with no church home.

We applaud believers, questioners, and questioning believers.

We celebrate our diversity as persons of every age and size, color, culture or race, and physical and mental ability.

We embrace singles and partners of every sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

We welcome individuals of every economic status, from every neighborhood or no neighborhood, and people with any differences, real or perceived.

In a world where so much divides us, our unity is in Christ.  Whoever you are, you are fully welcome into the life and ministry of First Congregational Church of Coventry.

This is a safe place where you can worship, celebrate and mourn, rejoice and recover.  A place where lives are made new.  Know that here, you will not be judged.

 In the name of God, we welcome you.


Join Us 

Looking for a faith community? Would you like to walk the Christian journey with other believers? We would love to be that place for you! We typically install new members twice a year and will schedule based on interest. And know that you belong from the first Sunday on! 

Call or email Pastor Dave with your interest or questions. He can be reached at (860) 742-8487, via email at pastordavefccc@gmail.com or by using the short form below. 

Please Contact Me