Missing worship? Working on Sundays or ill, and at home? If you have a computer
or cellphone and can be connected to the internet, you still may join us on
Sundays at 10a.m or anytime most convenient. Here’s how:

  1. On your computer’s browser find the public website for “First
    Congregational Church of Coventry.”
    2. Follow the instructions located next to the monthly calendar on the main
    3. When you get to the Facebook page that has our services, choose which
    service to watch. If you have “tuned in” around 10a.m. you may see that day’s
    service pop up at the top.
    4. When you get to that Facebook page, choose it as a “favorite” for easy
    access the next Sunday.
    5. Finally, if you like what you see, invite your friends to watch also.